Square Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrench KHN

Hex socket and insert bits torque wrench is designed to tighten and loosen bolts with used of standardized hex sockets and dedicated adapters (insert bits). Key components of wrenches are made of a lightweight alloy based on aluminum and titanium compounds whilst the ratchet and driving units are manufactured with use of „ultra steel” that makes them as sturdy and durable as titanium pieces. The wrenches collaborate with hydraulic power packs (800 bar) that can be powered by an electric motor or a compressed air drive. The power pack is remotely controlled by means of a dedicated remote control unit. Operation in the fully automatic mode is as option. Bolts are tightened with the controlled torque up to the required limit, which is achieved by setting a specific oil pressure on a connected manometer, where the pressure corresponds to the desired torque. The torque values and associated oil pressures can be found on the table of torques that is attached to each wrench. Hydraulic wrench – principle of collaboration with applicable hex sockets and Allen pins. For the full range of sockets and pins please refer to the relevant directory.

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  • movable (360º) hydraulic connection with one or two hoses,
  • small radiuses of transient adapters
  • quick and easy replace of adapters and size reduction sockets
  • various sizes of wrenches
  • suitable for all applications owing to flat design
  • accurate repeatability of operation ±3%
  • maximum working pressure of 800 bars driven by means of a three-stage hydraulic power pack supplied with voltage of 230 VAC or 400 VAC or with compressed air


  • suitability for all applications
  • reliability
  • operation safety
  • long lifetime
  • lightweight design

Aplication Area

  • for all industrial sectors,
  • in particular for confined locations with limited access