Hydraulic Pump for Bolt Tensioners Age 200-230

OSSA Machinery Works offers a new hydraulic pumps designed to supply hydraulic bolt tensioners. The power pack offers unsurpassed technical parameters and enables very fast operation with a wide range of pre-tensioning devices.
Operation of the remote control device (RCD):
a) ON/OFF button to switch the electric motor on and off
b) depressing the button 1: pressure is supplied to advance the piston of the pre-tensioning unit until the already preset pressure is reached,
c) releasing of the button 1: pressure is kept constant, the piston remains in the advanced position. The motor remains off.
d) depressing the button 2: the unit is depressurized, the piston of the pre-tensioning unit is retracted to its initial position (lowered)

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Currently the AGE 200-230 power packi s the fastest device of that type in the market and its quality and reliability guarantee long and defect-free operation during the entire lifetime.


  • pressure range (adjustable) 100-2000 bar,
  • capacity 3.5 l/min up to 30 bar; 0.35 l/min up to 2000 bar
  • supply voltage 230 V, 50 Hz,
  • engine power 0.75 kW,
  • dimensions LxBxH 450 x 320 x 430 mm,
  • weight 37.5 kg (filled with oil),
  • amount of oil 5l – remote control (remote control) 24 V, cable 5 m,
  • pressure gauge ø100 mm 0-2000 bar, class 1.0, filled with glycerine, oil tank with oil level indicator.