Hand Torque Multiplier PP

The planetary transmission gear also referred to as the ‘torque multiplier’ of ‘amplifier” is a simple tool designed to tighten and undo bolts and nuts, in particular the ones of large sizes. Bolts or nuts can be tightened to the torque of e.g. 1000 Nm (100 kGm) with the force of merely two fingers. The wrench (transmission gear) has a protective component, so called safety stud that is sheared when the applied force may be possibly too high. It prevents the transmission teeth from damage and makes the device sturdy and reliable. To tighten a bolt with controllable torque the operator has to attach a torque wrench with the setting range up to 400 Nm to the input (driving) bit with the square ½” (¾”) cross-section size. The required setting value for the input torque is to be read from a table that accompanies each transmission gear. It is the value that has to be set on the torque wrench. The desired torque is reached when a click is heard during tightening. Obviously, a handle with a ratchet is used to undo the bolt or nut, which enables quick detachment of the connection without the need to disengage the handle.

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The toolkit comprises a planetary transmission gear, a reaction arm and a toolbox.


  • left/right rotation
  • locking of reverse rotation
  • compact design
  • compact dimensions
  • simple operation
  • high torque

Aplication area

  • all industrial sectors
  • assembly of equipment
  • repair and maintenance jobs